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Who We Are

GO LOCAL MENDONOMA COAST is an association of locally-owned businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations, working together to build a resilient, thriving, local economy by supporting local, independently owned businesses, and promoting sustainable practices. Our community encompasses Timber Cove in the south, Irish Beach in the north, and Annapolis in the East.

Our Mission
Our mission is to grow and support the well being of our community. We hope to do this by raising awareness of the many concrete and measurable benefits that come when community members choose to support locally owned businesses and organizations.

Why We Do It
We believe that locally owned businesses are the foundation for a thriving local economy. By working together we can ensure that our economic power resides locally to sustain a higher quality of life for our Sonoma and Mendocino Coast community.

Study after study has indicated the economic benefits to a local community when residents choose local businesses for purchases.  It's called the economic multiplier effect.  By choosing local first, the economic multiplier kicks in and we return $25 more of every $100 spent to recirculate in our local economy.

Here are 10 reasons to "Go Local"

As a community member you want to support Go Local because:

  1. By choosing to spend more of your dollars with businesses in your own community you will have more businesses to choose from, and a better selection of goods and services available to you.
  2. You will be directly contributing to the financial well being of your self, your friends, and your neighbors.
  3. You will be supporting more job opportunities and better paying jobs in your own community. More and better jobs equals:
  • Fewer people out of work.
  • Less need for younger people to leave town in search of opportunity.
  • Additional opportunities for you or others to open a small business, increasing the variety of services and depth of the local economy even more.

As a staff member of a local business you want to support Go Local because:

  1. You are literally helping pay your own wages, and increasing your job security.
  2. You are increasing your job opportunities in the community. A greater number of healthy businesses means more people want to hire you. More competition for your skills and labor means, better pay,  and more work places for you to to choose from.
  3. You are increasing the overall health of your community.

As a business owner you want to support Go Local because:

  1. You are directly improving your own financial well being.
  2. You are improving your customer’s appreciation for and loyalty to your business.
  3. You are growing your business.
  4. You are improving your ability to pay good wages, hire more people, and benefit the community you serve.

This is only the beginning.  Get involved and make a difference!

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