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Mustard Mistress

Mustard Mistress mustards are hand crafted right here in Gualala. Two culinary species of organic mustard seed is acquired locally and ground by hand resulting in a more textured mustard than what people are used to seeing in the stores. Boasting all natural ingredients, there is no artificial anything in these products, no thickeners, no colorings, no unpronounceable additives, just mustard, spices, garlic, wine, and several types of vinegar. Many of the ingredients included in my mustards are from my own organic garden. There are four flavors to suit all tastes: a robust, whole grain mustard called “Sassy Sensation” which is an heirloom recipe from my family, my special version of the classic Dijon has a twist of Meyer lemon called “Dijon Delight”, my honey mustard made with local, organic wildflower honey called “Honey Hotflash, and a beer mustard called “Horsey Heatwave”. A brand new product recently introduced is “Rub Rhapsody” an exotic, sweet and savory rub for all types of meat and veggies. All my products are only available at a few retail stores in Gualala or Gualala’s own Farmers Market.

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