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Lisa’s Luscious Kitchen (Lisa’s Luscious Preserves & Chutneys)

Lisa's Luscious Kitchen is owned and run by chef Lisa Joakimides.  Using fresh, ripe fruit from the farmers market or from small family farms, she produces over 50 different types of homemade jams, fruit sauces, butters, marmalades, chutneys, oriental cooking oils and infused vinegars. Her storefront and commercial kitchen are located in Point Arena right on Highway One where people may purchase products, cookbooks, gift baskets and gift boxes.  She ships gift boxes round the world, year-round.  Lisa also makes beautiful, custom-crafted wedding cakes designed to suit each individual couple.  In addition, she sells delicious fresh-frozen soups by the pint and the quart out of the storefront that she makes seasonally.  Come on in and see what Lisa does and taste her unique products for yourself!

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