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Artgoddess is the fine art business of sole proprietor Lauren Sinnott. Located in central Point Arena, the HQ of Artgoddess is home, studio, and gallery by appointment.

Services and product categories:
• Original paintings
• Renaissance-style murals
• Portraits (of mostly people, but also pets)
• Fine reproductions of all originals, printed with archival ink and available at affordable prices
• Breastfeeding themed note cards, T-shirts, and gold foil embossed prints
• Creative business signs
• Layout and design services for logo development, business ads and all promotional material
• Custom sewing including wedding gowns, creative purses, and any special project
• Alterations

I create Renaissance-infused murals, portraits, and other allegorical, mythological and personal paintings and drawings. I have designed many artistic pieces that form part of normal life, such as book covers, invitations, personal stationery, wine labels, display advertisements, business cards and logos. In my role as "Paint Doctor" I have repaired seemingly impossible surface problems, such as the champagne stain on a Sea Ranch vaulted wooden ceiling. I sew fine, creative garments such as wedding gowns and bodices and I perform more commonplace functions such as alterations and fixing troublesome structural issues with a favorite garment. I also conceived of and produce the Velvet Vulva line of fine purses and related one-of-a-kind products which can be seen on my website at

My educational background (BA, BFA and MA) is in art history as well as fine art. You will find in my work a devotion to drawing and the beautiful line evident in classical antiquity and early Renaissance art. My recent work centers on the Kings, Queens, and Jacks of the four suits in a deck of cards. I love the theme of the face card for its heraldry and escape from modern clothing into the world of fabulous costumes. Current collections include the enigmatic Portrait series where the subject picks his or her suit, and the Lifestyle series, which is more exciting than it sounds: the first was "The Queen of Diamond Paying Bills." Subsequent paintings include "The Queen of Hearts as a Mother with her Child," "The Queen of Spades Watching Masterpiece Theater," and "The Queen of Clubs Drinking Coffee and Reading the New Yorker."

You may contact me with a special desire: the portrait of your beloved for Valentines Day, a landscape painted on the dining room wall, something sumptuous and sensuous for the inner sanctum of your bedroom, a beautiful painting of your favorite deity, an allegory of love (think Botticelli.) You may also visit my website to see existing works, all available as fine art prints, framed or unframed. I am equipped to securely process credit card payments and also accept cash or checks. I am happy to discuss ideas and advise clients on picture arrangement in the home. (Hint: you can fit more onto your available wall space than you think!) The visual environment of the home creates the backdrop of much of our lives. Why not enrich it with art?

(707) 882-3100

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